Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008....I'm back! (cue The Shining music)

HI All,

OK...so I've decided not to throw the "baby out with the bath water." After further reflection, and a few nice reassuring e-mails, I have been convinced that there must be a reason why this blog exists. So... I will continue to fill this space. Public schools are still the sausage factories that we know an love, so there is much material to choose from. (By sausage factories I mean: We love the product but you definitely don't want to know the details of how the product is made!)

I think I am finally on my feet as a classroom science teacher again (see the blog)and am ready to start scanning the ed tech literature for things to highlight and comment about. I am even contemplating putting together a little "dog and pony show" about my use of my science classroom blog in an actual inner city middle school.

Send me a few ideas and I'll be sure to put them up in this amazingly desolate corner of the web!

Peace and Happy 2008!

jim :-)


Jim Forde said...

I sound like a carpet store in my neighborhood that is perennially going "out of business"! Welcome back....again.

Jim :-)

Anonymous said...

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