Sunday, January 13, 2008

Your ideal Ed Tech conference -> blog post

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Educational technology and Life...a cool looking blog...asked for our ideal ed tech conference. Please go to this link to let them know what you think, and cross post here.

Here was my quick response............

How about ... "Ed Tech in the REAL classroom"

I would love a conference that actually acknowledges the real front-line conditions that an average school/teacher faces. This would include the pedagogical, curricular, emotional and physical dimensions. Those could be the strands. For example, "Web 2.0 opportunities for a school preoccupied with their state testing program." It would also address the testing culture predominant in most school districts as driven by NCLB mandates. In case you haven't been near a normal public school lately, things like constructivist learning and the "middle school concept" have disappeared like so many mullet hair cuts of the same period.

I agree with what David said about the needs of classroom teachers at conferences. It is the most important thing to be doing...btw.


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