Thursday, January 25, 2007

"It's not about the technology" -

I came across a great posting at titled "It's not about the Tehcnology". I liked the way Ben explores his ideas on this topic. While this is not a new idea, the posting is honest and reflects a thoughful educator who has their priorities straight (IMHO). I responded on the site.

I hope you like it.

jim :-)


Ted Lysiak said...

I posted something similar titled, "Teaching the Important Stuff"...recent surveys show that students have the technology skill required to be successful, it is the other skills that good technology integration allows that so many of us are missing.

Jim Forde said...

Hey Ted,

Thanks for the post. I liked, Teaching the Important Stuff, and I agree. It's about using technology in ways that don't put "the cart before the horse."

jim :-)