Monday, January 22, 2007

Generation WE

I have heard of Digital Natives and Millenials but....

Here is an article
on the current 11 and unders now known as Generation WE!

This is a generation of kids with parents that are just as tech savvy as they are. This is an nteresting concept. These are the kids of the Gen Xers and covers me also. We were the Pong / MTV (when their used ot be music videos) generation.

I hope you like it. I have to get back to my Duran Duran album.

Jim :-)


john eric said...

Shouldn't that be "Generation Wii?"


Judith Comfort said...

Digital "apple doesn't fall from the tree"? OK, so parents who are musicians and have musically gifted brains, and have instruments around the house, and sing out loud...tend to have childrem who like music (but not always). Farmer's kids learn to drive cars and tractors and fix things much earlier than city kids.

A random sample of kids in my classes tells me that some are interested in sitting behind screens; others use computers only when forced to.

TV is boring for most adults too; programming has come down to the lowest common denominator (reality? tv).

I sure hope that Mom and daughter in the article spend most of their time sharing other things: like bedtime stories and walks in the wood. Looking things up in an encyclopedia can cut it for only so long.

Call me a sceptic. A computer is a tool.

Jim Forde said...

Hey Judith,

Thanks for the posts. can only hope that the family does more together than edit wikipedia!


I thought that the definition of a new generation with this criterion was interesting though.

jim :-)