Friday, March 10, 2006

Meet the new boss......

Well, the Bush administration took my Do/Don't list posting (1/2) seriously and decided to appoint a new head of Educational technology. Thanks Guys, I think. reports that Timothy J. Magner was appointed as director of the Office of Educational Technology (OET).

is a recent eSchool News interview. ESchool news reports, "Much as it has in medicine, Magner said, technology is getting to a point now in schools where its presence is so ubiquitous that educators can begin thinking seriously about how to integrate it into every facet of the school day, whether it's to provide a much-needed boost in the classroom, improve the quality and efficiency of front-office functions, or track and monitor individual student progress in order to differentiate instruction." Haven't we been saying this since the Apple ACOT study? how do the MASSIVE budget cuts help in this plan?

I'm sorry, I digress.

Jim :-)

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