Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gaming and learning?

Hi All,

I liked this article because it clearly stated something that I have always believed. Gaming is fun but educationally useless. Don't get me wrong, i go way back to the days of Pong. My current obsession is MX vs ATV for the PSP. I just never bought into the hype that somehow it was helping me...or anyone improve in some way. It was, and is, entertaining.

Chris Dede, a guy who I really respect because he has been around ed tech for a long time, has developed a learning game with many of the functions of a cool role playing game. While this is not a new concept, (I recall playing learning simulations with my 7thgraders using the laserdisc Science Sleuths) I am sure that Chris and his team have created an engaging product.

Learn more about his work at Harvard.

Jim :-)

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