Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sun at NECC I am in the heart of ed tech advertising at the NECC! My first impression this morning was a copy of something called the EdTech Show daily. It reminds me of those envelopes full of coupons you don't need that you get at your home. I was hoping for more than in infomercial when I awoke.

I'll update the blog over the next few days and let you know some of my impressions.

So far they are... it's hot in Atlanta, our hotel is frighteningly tall with an atrium that looks like a scene out of the Star Wars senate chamber (Episode 2), and I am ready to be enlightened!

jim :-)


Anonymous said...


Just FYI, that paper is NOT an official NECC production. You're right--it's full of ads. Be sure to check out the Daily Leader, the NECC newspaper distributed daily at the conference, that does highlight what's going on at the conference. Have fun!

Barbara Hewick
NECC/ISTE Web Marketing Mgr.

Jim Forde said...

The Daily Leader it is!

I agree that this publication is NOT an official NECC publication, but that wasn't very clear at first glance.

I have since picked up my great green bag.

Thanks barb!
jim :-)

ps- I am shocked that you even saw my post. I thought I had been talking to myself all of these years!

TechTeacher said...

I tried to email you from your edtechnot webpage but it bounced back to me so I'm trying here instead. Hope you read this.
Great website, by the way. But thought you’d want to know that on the Bernajean Porter page ( the 2nd link Education Technology Planners -
is being redirected to a porn site.

Thought you’d want to know. Thanks for all of the great resources.

Mandy Roberts said...

Nice blog. Thanks!