Friday, January 20, 2006

English IT questions

HI All,

Just in case you think that we are unique in our need to question the appropriate use of ed tech in real schools, here is a brief commentary from an English on-line newspaper.

The commentary

Is it wrong to ask questions like this about ed tech? Am I creating a hostile environment for ed tech innovators by pointing out this resource?

Lemme know.

Jim :-)


Doug Belshaw said...

As a teacher in the UK and someone writing their MA thesis in this area, let me throw in my two cents...

Education, especially in England is of an extremely ad-hoc nature, with senior managers attempting to 'control' use of ICTs in schools. This is done (albeit unwittingly) by making sure that use of ICTs feeds directly into a traditional curriculum (and therefore pedagogy).

And then everyone gets sceptical about the technology!

Jim Forde said...

Hi Doug,

It is great to get your perspective from the classroom level, and as a person studying the topic in the UK.

I agree with you that using new technologies to serve old pedagogical models makes little sense.
Having people like you study the issue may address the "lack of evidence" claim that is stated in the article.

In a 1998 study by Harold Weglinsky, "Does it Compute? The Relationship Between Educational Technology and Student Achievement in Mathematics" the author found "that it is precisely in the areas of teacher training and type of computer use that inequity across SES, race and geographic locale are most pronounced."

This makes the need to look at pedagogy even more urgent.

Jim :-)