Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ed Tech and the Stimulus Package

So what does the stimulus bill do for ed tech? here are some reactions from the ed tech press.

THE Journal article

Ed Week


Apparently 696 million brings us back to the 2004 level, but doubles some recent funding. I'll take it. You and I both know where the devil is though. What will an actual classroom teacher see at the end of all of this? The new funding falls into the Title II part D of ESEA known as the EETT, this is how ed tech has been funded under NCLB. Enough acronyms yet? I like the fact that 25% ofthat funding is "supposed" to be spent on staff development. Even in 2009 the need is embarressingly apparent.

PSSSST- Get your copy of the entire bill as a pdf by clicking here!

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