Monday, February 05, 2007

Wireless Internet in college...yes/no?

This blog posting asks whether or not wireless internet is too much of a distraction in the college level classroom. There seems to be interesting give and take on this at the bottom of his page. Since I was an undergrad when playing "Galaxian" was cool, this is a new issue for me. Would I have zoned out and IM'd my buddies in the student center or cross referenced my professor's comments by visiting Wikipedia for additional inoformation? I'd like to think the latter.

What's your experience?

Jim :-)


Rick said...

I tend to agree with you, Jim. As a post-graduate student, it's a great tool for me. I would hate to see it turned off. However, for a college freshmen still adjusting to the freedoms of being away from home for the first time, it may be yet another stumbling block.

BTW, I just got my first laptop the other night and will be using it in a school administration class this weekend.

Thanks for the link to my site.

Jim Forde said...

Hey Rick,

I liked your post because it raised an honest question about an ed tech that should be discussed openly. Of course, I assume that the pluses outweigh the minuses on this one, but this is the kind of post that can shed light on a potential problem that might be easy to address.

Keep up the good work!

Jim :-)