Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A time to chill out? - Thornburg Blog Post

On District Administration's "The Pulse" blog David Thornburg posts an awesome rant and call to action.

See it here.

My favorite line is, "broadband access can be a distraction to the teacher whose lifeless uttering might otherwise compete with real-time research being done by students in his class." Ouch!! :-)

You go David.

Jim :-)

ps- I must say that I have admired David T.'s work since I was a 1992 Master Teacher at the WNET Teacher Training Institute in NYC. He keynoted there and was amazing. He has been inspiring teachers to "think big" for a LONG time.


Mike Muir said...


That's one of my favorite lines, as well! Of course, as much as it hurts, before we complain about technology (or anything) being disruptive, we need to take an honest look at our own practice and decide if what we're doing is worthy of disruption!

Of course, understanding our kids, how and why they are digital kids, and what their world is like for them all contribute to our better being able to answer that question honestly and in a way that would most closely match our students' reality.


Jim Forde said...

Hey Mike,

I agree with you.

I am in the midst of all of this as I watch my son's management of his actual and virtual lives. He has all of the school, music and team stuff going on and then he has to manage his facebook, myspace and purevolume virtual realities as well!

All the best.

Jim :-)

Judith Comfort said...

Can I assume that guy is not talking tongue-in-cheek? Am I missing out on an injoke here? As a non American, I find his comments arrogant and xenophobic.