Monday, February 06, 2006

An old interview..

Geoffrey Fletcher, editor at large of the THE Journal, has posted an old interview and want us ( ed techhies) to tell him when we think the interview took place.

See it here.

It sends home the fact that we have been saying the same things over and over again as it relates to the intelligent deployment of ed tech and the necessary commitment to staff development. My guess is that this interview is from 1995 (or so). What do you think? is my e-mail response to Geoff.

My favorite old issue of Electronic Learning is the "Technology in the USA 1992-93 edition" where it was pointed out that Apple 2 computers represented 53% of users followed by Radio Shack/Tandy 17%, Commodore 15% , And IBM compatibles 13%! Also, 54% of districts reported Laserdisc use.
(I loved those things!)

Also, how about this headline, Tech and Learning Oct. 1993 (I kid you not) "The Internet- A first look". You gotta love that!>>>

All the best!

Jim Forde :)

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