Thursday, November 03, 2005

Offensive on-line content article

In ...The Online Edge: Persistent Problems of Porn - Offensive online content assaults school users through multiple channels, Odvard Egil Dyrli does a great job of describing the issue of "porn-napping" and disguised inappropriate e-mail links.

The Article

This information may be an eye-opener for some. It is worth reading (as is most of the content on

Although I am typically suspicious of schemes that "over-filter" content, I must admit that Gil is correct to highlight this growing problem and the negative effect it has on web use at schools (and home).

What do you think of this issue? Have you had a negative experience with this issue at your school?

Jim :-)


Gary Stager said...

Good citizenship and competent educators are always the best filters.

I could write a coffee table book about the costs of our Internet hysteria (from people both pro and con the net). A school I worked in recently blocked as a terrorist site.

The net is here, it's wild, get over it.

Jim Forde said...

I would love to jump on the moral high ground on this one, but actually having two kids who are interacting on, and with, the web makes me squeamish about this topic.

Sure, the net is the "wild west" but why should my eight year daughter have to encounter an innocent sounding web address that is actually a porn napped link? I'm no techno-phobe, but this makes it harder for me to "get over it."

I can't wait to see the coffee table book. Will it have legs, like Kramer's?

Jim :-)